Best Alkaline Water Machine Reviews – Top Brands for 2019

(Update February 1, 2019 )

We have reviewed the top alkaline water machine and compared them to each other. Each of them has pros and cons, and all of them have different prices. Our reviews contain all the information about each machine, giving you a complete overview of the costs and their features.

Alkaline water ionizers are making their way into papers in the last couple of years due to the health benefits they provide. Some claim that it can cure cancer and help people lose weight, while others feel skeptic and think that it's all a big fraud. Here we will tell you about soluble water and its benefits for your health. 

The prices of the machines can vary from a hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars. Picking the right alkaline ionizer can seem like a hard task, but we will provide you with all the information you need to pick the one that suits your needs and price range the most.​

The table below contains all the information you need to make the right decision. Take a look at each product and pick the one that suits you most.

Top Alkaline Water Machine Comparison –  Recommended to Buy (February , 2019 )

  • Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0
  • PH Range: 4.5 to 11
  • OPR Range: +600 to -850
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Bawell Premier Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
  • PH Range: 3.2 to 10.0
  • ORP Range: +600 to -420
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • The Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
  • PH Range: 2.0 to 12.0
  • ORP Range: +600 to -800
  • Forever Lifetime Warranty covered by Bawell
  • LeDoux Water Filter Dispenser
  • 7 step water filtration system
  • 5 Gallon tank
  • Combination of ceramic, mineral, and magnetic filtration

What is Alkaline Water?

Before you decide to get a water purification machine or a filtration machine, you need to understand what neutralizing water is. Essentially, it is water that is less acidic than the regular tap water. But what does that mean and how does it affect you?

Alkaline h20 is much richer in nutrients and alkalizing compounds like silica, potassium, bicarbonate, and magnesium. These are all minerals that are very important for our health and well-being. It also has higher PH levels. As such, this water has a ton of long-term health benefits and some even claim that it slows down the aging process.

Many people think that the story behind the soluble water is a fraud, but hundreds of studies have proved that the quality of water we drink drastically affects our health. Not only that, they proved that drinking purified water that is rich in minerals and vitamins helps people cure all kinds of chronic diseases because it gets absorbed into the body much faster. it also provides more energy. That is why professional athletes always drink ionized water.

How to Make Alkaline Drinking Water?

There are a couple of ways to make alkaline drinking water yourself. One of them is adding baking soda to the water you drink. You can also use pH drops that you add to the water to make it alkaline. You need some experience to make quality ionized water, and that takes time. That is why these alkaline ionizing water machines exist in the first place.

These machines do not only alkalize the water, they add ions and purify the water from all contaminants and impurities. Each machine has a built-in water filter that gets rid of the high acidic levels, but they also ionize and energize the water for optimal health.

The water alkalizing machines have filters that can purify and alkaline over 1000 gallons of water. The machines are installed straight to the water source, like your kitchen faucet. Then, they clear the tap water from all impurities, while leaving the minerals and vitamins untouched. Consider getting one of these machines if you want to make sure that you and your family drink the healthiest water. The machines pay themselves off within a year because you won't need to buy bottled water anymore.

How to Choose Alkaline Water Ionizers & Filters

There are many types of alkaline water ionizers on the market and that is why choosing one can seem like an overwhelming task. The price differences between some models can be huge. You need to do a little research before making a purchase that fits your needs the most.

Finding the right machine can be quite a challenge. Today, numerous machines and water filters are available on sale, and to be able to get your hands on the best, you'll need to do your homework spectacularly. There are factors that will need to be considered upfront when buying one, from product specifications and features, cost, to warranty among other important variants.

For starters, ionizer machines come with different plate levels. These plates are essential in what is known as the electrolysis process. You'll find machines with three, five, seven, eight, nine, and eleven plates. What the number of plates available does is that it affects the PH value and the flow rate of the water being let by these ionizers.

Another consideration you'd make when shopping for an alkaline water machine would be its design. There are those stylish undercounter units that have been designed to use only a little space of your kitchen. However, they don't come cheap and are not easy to install either. Design, though, does not feature primarily as a priority for most people, provided they get a machine that delivers positive results.

The cost of a machine can also not be overlooked. While these ionizers can be costly, the availability of many brands retailing at different prices should enable you to identify one that suits your budget as well as your needs.

In addition, you'll need to identify with a brand that comes with an extended warranty whereby you can be able to return the machine in the event that it fails in operation.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying an Ionizer

Having highlighted the obvious, this article goes even further to act as a buying guide for alkaline water machines. It takes an in-depth look into what a shopper should be keen on, and what makes a good water alkalizer.

#1. Price - The price of a machine should not necessarily determine its overall value. Even though the ultimate decision rests with the buyer, the notion that quality goes with cost should not apply. You should be able to engage with every single machine before buying so as to get acquainted with its features. By so doing, you'll be in a better position to determine whether it provides the best value for your money.

#2. PH and ORP range - The perfect ionizer should have a clear PH and ORP display to enable you to keep track of the water you're taking in terms of PH range and ORP levels. This shows that your machine is producing reliable results, a characteristic that can be very reassuring. Similarly, other ionizers are only capable of showing the characteristic of water being produced without displaying the actual levels of alkalinity, which is considered very misleading.

#3. Number of plates - The number of plates in an ionizer directly determines the water free flow. This is because, for water to become alkaline, electrolysis must occur, and it can only be made possible courtesy of the metal plates making up the ionizer. Ionizers can be made up of 3 to 11 plates, with the number of available plates dictating the amount of water being produced at a go. The less the number of plates the more limited the PH and ORP range. In short, ionizers with more plates complete the electrolysis process faster and are not limited in the PH and ORP range.

#4. Self-Maintenance - Currently there are ionizers that require little or no maintenance at all. Cleaning up a machine can be tasking and in most cases, highly technical for ordinary users. An ideal water alkalizer should be self-cleaning to ensure that you save time and energy while at the same time maintaining high levels of hygiene. If you're looking to buy an water alkalizer, insist on one that has a cleaning scheduler. Some machines initialize automatic cleaning on startup, while others automatically clean up once a specific amount of liquid has passed through.

#5. Ease of use - Let's face it, a sophisticated machine is prone to damage. Ease of use is one very important quality of any device. If you want to purchase an alkalizer machine, get one that does not pose any challenges regarding its operation and maintenance. Even though new machines are sold with user manuals, they should not be too complicated for ordinary home users who possess little or zero mechanical skills. Modern machines have been designed with very clear displays that use touch-screen technology for easy operation.

Why You Should Only Buy from a Truster Dealer & Company

Buying household assets is a massive step. Your intention is to buy something that will serve you efficiently, and for a long time. Buying an alkaline water ionizer for your home should not be an exception, and a lot of caution must be ensured. For rookies, it is not so easy identifying the best machines out there. The fact that there are several brands in the market today can only make things a little difficult for them. However, it all begins with identifying the right dealer for some of your electricals.

A reputable dealer is one who is honest with her customers, stocks varieties, deals with high-quality products, and above all, sells at very competitive prices. For first time buyers, buying some of these items cannot be considered a walk in the park. You'll need basic information regarding the machine in question, and that can only come from the dealer. The dealer, on the other hand, should make it her responsibility to furnish you with important details of each and every ionizer without withholding anything for personal gain.

All said and done, the final decision should always be left to you. With all the necessary information about ionizers, you should then make an informed decision and obtain a good machine.

Another reason you should not buy from just anyone is that you'll need to maintain contacts in case anything happens to your machine. You'll need to purchase from someone who readily avails a valid warranty after sales. This does not only give you confidence in the item, but also in the seller.

It is a combination of several aspects that makes a good alkaline water purifier. From the information provided above, you'll be well placed to make the right choice when purchasing one for your household use. Essentially, keep in mind all the features associated with each machine and see whether it guarantees you the value you're looking for.

 Water Ionizer and  Water Machine

The water ionizer machine is an appliance that turns regular, polluted tap water into crystal clear nutrient rich PH optimized water. There are all kinds of these machines on the market, so you need to know which one to get.

One of the best and most popular water ionizing and alkaline machines is the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9 Plate by Air Water Life Compare Water Ionizers by Air Water Life. It is a countertop water filtration system and it is the one that most people go with.

This machine produces the cleanest and healthiest water filled with energy and minerals. Read our reviews to find out how things work.

Reverse Osmosis System

The reverse osmosis system is a water purification technology that uses semipermeable membranes to remove impurities like molecules, ions and other particles from drinking water. It is installed under a counter and very convenient after it's installed.

Reverse osmosis has been perfected since 1977 when it first appeared.

The system pushes tap water through a couple of different filters that hold back even the smallest impurities that are normally found in water.

The water that comes out of the system is perfectly clean and safe to use.

The APEC - Top Tier - Built in USA - Ultra Safe, Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ROES-50) is one of the best on the market.

Alkaline Water Pitcher Filters

Alkaline pitchers are a simple way to experience the benefits of purified water.

They are gravity based as the water flows through multiple filters that remove contaminants. The water pitcher is very practical because it can be carried around.

All you have to do is to pour water at the top of the pitcher and wait for it to slowly drain through the filters. The water that comes out is much cleaner than tap water because it raises the pH levels.

The Alkaline Water Pitcher - 2.5 Liters (by Lake Industries) is the best pick on the market.

What are the Benefits of Ionized Water?

Alkaline h20 has many health benefits and that was proved by many scientific studies. It is known to serve as a great anti-oxidant. It also balances the pH levels in the body and promotes better hydration. Alkaline h20 helps boost the immune system and helps cure chronic diseases. Visit our benefits page for more details.

Want the perfect water alkalizer for you?

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