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Can Alkaline Water Prevent Cancer?


You probably have heard of the claims about alkaline water. Some folks say it can help in slowing the aging process, prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and regulate the body’s PH. Below you will understand what this water is exactly, and the article will try to unravel the truth behind all the claims that it has such amazing healing powers.


What is the deal?

As you already know, alkaline water’s PH level is higher up in the scale that normal drinking water. Because of the water’s place in the PH scale, some folks firmly believe it has the ability to neutralize acid in a human body. However, that is still a very controversial topic as there are people who believe that this water indeed works while another section believe that is only a lie.

Arguments that it is effective for the treatment of cancer

Some studies show that it could be useful in the treatment of certain ailments. For instance, there is a study done in 2012 that health-benefitsfound that drinking alkaline water having a PH of 88 may deactivate pepsin. Pepsin is the main enzyme that usually causes acid reflux. Another study indicated that drinking alkaline water could have benefits for folks suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol.

Those who believe it works in the treatment of cancer and other ailments proffer the explanation that purified water is an excellent antioxidant- that means it has a highly negative Oxidation Reduction Potential, therefore, it can neutralize free radicals, and in the process making oxygen molecules available to cancerous cells. The oxygen molecules will inhibit the growth of cancer or kill the cancerous cells. This can easily be done using hydroxyl ions in ionized water.

Hydrogen peroxide adds oxygen molecules to the body while ionized water makes existing oxygen molecules, already within the body, available to the cancerous cells by providing them with electrons. This is advantageous as it removes harmful free radicals at the same time.

They believe that cancerous cells can’t thrive in an alkaline environment.

Ionized water is also effective in the treatment of cancer because it has molecules that are in small clusters that regular water. These small clusters can penetrate where regular clusters can’t penetrate. These properties, therefore, aid Ionized water in combating malignant tumors and etc.

The Skeptical

There are skeptical people as well. It is believed that water that is too alkaline or too acidic can turn out to be detrimental to human health and result in nutritional imbalance. The human body, according to skeptics, wasn’t designed to drink highly Ionized water every time. Besides, if you imbibe the water all through, you’ll raise the alkalinity of the stomach, thus, buffering the stomach’s acidity and, therefore, impair its ability to digest food. In fact, low stomach acid is the leading cause of ulcers.

There is overwhelming evidence to show that it could actually be a remedy for cancer. If this topic interests you, we highly recommend you learn more about alkaline water ionizers.

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April 22, 2016