Alkaline Ionized Water Ionizer Machine by Bawell

Bawell is a strong name in the ionized water products. They have become famous because of the outstanding quality of their products, and the Premier Alkaline Water Machine is one of their most popular products. This model fits in the middle price range, but it delivers so much more.

About the Premier Alkaline Water Machine

The Premier model is essentially an alkaline ionizing water machine, but it has a couple of really nice features that makes it stand out.

The most obvious feature is the large display that changes colors.

This is a feature that is really easy and simple to use. You can adjust PH and ORP of the alkaline water by yourself.

The display shows the life is left on the filter and many other functions like cleaning, PH and ORP, and even the temperature of the water.

Like with other Bawell products, you get a lifetime warranty.

This is the full list of the features this amazing machine has to offer:

- PH range - Three pre-programmed settings for PH and ORP. The options are easy to select

- purified water

- weak, medium, strong or ultra-strong ionized water

- weak, medium, or strong acidic water

- you can program it yourself anywhere in the range between 3.2 and 10.0

- ORP range -420+600

- built-in compartment that allows you to add vitamins or minerals

- Made out of FDA approved food grade plastic components

- Every unit comes with an adaptor that fits all types of faucets, including "pull out" and "sprayer" style faucet heads.

- Internal water filter is included

Backlight LCD screen displays:

- PH level from 3.2 to 10.0

- Water and machine temperature

- Electrolysis water flow rate

- Lifespan of the water filter

- ORP levels from +600 to -420

- Animation that indicates the self-cleaning mechanism

- Animation that indicates that the machine is currently electrolyzing the water

- Acidic water level indicator

- Purified water level indicator

- Alkaline water level indicator

- Every unit comes with a lifetime warranty

The display on the unit shows everything about the water and the machine itself. The color-changing feature is there to show you the level of acid or alkaline in the water. The Premier is one of the best products and it can purify a gallon of water every minute and a half.

It was designed to clean itself automatically. The cleaning is performed every time it is turned on or off.

Controlling the machine is really simple. All you have to do is select 3 available alkaline levels, and 2 levels of acid.

You can also set it only to purify the water. The display then changes colors to inform you of the levels you are using currently.

There is no doubt that the Premier was built to last. The model comes with a lifetime warranty and a faucet adaptor.

The system is easy to install and the process takes only minutes. It can be installed in the kitchen or the bathroom.

The adaptor allows you to use the sink normally because of the two-way valve that allows the sink and the machine to work at the same time.

The Premier can be installed on the counter top or installed on the wall by using mounting brackets on the back.

Filter replacement for The Ionizer

The lifespan of the filters is an important feature you need to keep in mind when choosing an alkaline water ionizer. The Premier always displays the time left for the installed filter. The original life of a filter is about a year, or 1585 gallons of purified water. The filters are fairly easy to replace and new filters cost about 60 dollars.

What do the customers say?

We took a look at hundreds of user reviews on amazon and other sites and this is what we found out:

- The installation is simple and the unit fits most faucet heads

- The water tastes good and it is crystal clear

- The alkaline and acidic levels are precise.

- Many customers reported that they felt much better since they started using the machine. They all experienced a boost of energy and a better overall mood.

- We couldn't find any negative reviews at all.

Our Rating
Build Quality
User Friendly
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The Premier offers a wide arrange of alkaline ionized water benefits that can change your life for the better. There are countless studies that proved that ionized water lets the body absorb minerals and vitamins much faster. This model has a special chamber that allows users to add vitamins and minerals to the water. The Premier is one of the most popular buys on the internet and it is well worth the money.

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August 20, 2016

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