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Having a source of fresh and clean water to drink every day is very important for general health. Tap water is nowhere near as clean and safe for drinking as it should be. It meets the minimum standards, but it's still loaded with all kinds of contaminants and impurities.

The only way to make sure that you and your family are drinking pure, clean water is to get a water filtration system. Of course, there are many types and prices available on the market, so choosing the right one can seem like an overwhelming task.

We are aiming to help you out by giving you a full comparison of the best filtration units and their features. The pros and cons should give you all the information you need to make a decision.

This model is one of the most popular buys on the market. It is meant for everyone since it is not expensive at all. Buying bottled water costs much more than using the LeDoux Water Filter Dispenser. You will return your money in under a year and increase your health along the way.

The system purifies the water through 8 steps as the water passes through multiple filters. They are made of ceramic, minerals, and magnets. The water slowly drips through the filters and comes out the bottom crystal clear and tasting great. The system is a good choice for homes and offices.

Cleaning Process:

Before we give you all the details, let's go through the cleaning process step by step:

  1. Ceramic filter gets rid of all sediments and bacteria
  2. The coconut carbon filter takes out the chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides in the water.
  3. Zeolite, a volcanic mineral, neutralizes heavy metals and inhibits bacteria, exchanging ions through the process.
  4. Mineral Stone Infusion improves oxygenation & alkalinizes the water
  5. The pH Mineral Balls add calcium and magnesium to the water to increase pH further
  6. Energy Balls help to balance the pH and add energy to the water
  7. Mineral Stone Immersion releases ionized minerals
  8. Magnetic Energy breaks the water molecules into small clusters for better absorption

This 8 step process gets rid of absolutely all impurities and infuses the water with energy and increases the pH to the optimum level. That means that the water is not only pure, it's packed with vital minerals and energy that keeps you and your family healthy.


- The water becomes crystal clear and it tastes great - users of the system all agree that the water that comes out is perfectly clean, it has no odors and it tastes great.

- Filters and alkalizes - the system cleans the water through half a dozen filters to make sure that it's as clean and possible, and it also alkalizes the water, leaving the minerals intact.

- Lifetime - depending on the filter type, they last from 500 to 1,000 gallons before a replacement is needed.

- No electricity needed - this system is gravity based, so there is no need for power

- Exceptional customer service - users that contact the company get good help in the shortest amount of time and the replacement parts arrive in days.


- Leaks - the most common complaint about the system is that it leaks. It can leak around the faucet, which is mostly caused by improper installation. Some users reported that their unit leaked all over the counter and the floors, while others report that it leaks only if not filled to the top.

- Hard to change - the process of changing filters can take a lot of time and can be tricky.


There are some bad reviews, but most of them are positive.

Since this model is not that expensive, people don't make a big fuss about it, and if there is a problem that can't be fixed, the company will send another unit as soon as possible.

Their customer service is really good and they always try to give users the best advice and fix their problem.

The filters are tricky to replace, but their lifespan is pretty good, so replacement is performed once a year.

Overall, this system is a great and much cheaper replacement for bottled water in the long run.

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August 19, 2016

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