Top 5 Alkaline Booster Drops of 2017 – Which PH Drops are the Best?

Alkaline booster drops are potent solutions that immensely increase pH of water. For you to stay hydrated it is essential you drink about 3-5 liters of pure waterevery. That is where alkaline booster drops come in. They help by raising the pH of water you are drinking from around 6.0 to as high as 9.5. The pH rise varies from one brand to another. For some brands, you can get extra benefits such as neutralizing all microforms thus gaining a higher pH and, thankfully, pure drinking water.

Generally, pH-boosting drops contain a mixture concentrated alkaline mineral such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium bicarbonates. As you will notice later, the ingredients will slightly vary from one product to the other.

What is alkaline water?

Celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg and Miranda Kerr are drinking alkaline water. That begs the question: is alkaline water worth the hype? In addition, what is it?

According to Alyse Levine, founder of the Eating Reset Plan, alkaline water is different from water running down the tap. It is less acidic and has pH more than seven. What this means is that such water has less concentration of hydrogen ions as compared to any other water. While at it, one of the ways to make alkaline water is using pH drops.

  • Plasma pH
  • Very easy to use
  • Results are effective immediately
  • Generous packing
  • Cellfood
  • Does not destroy free radicals-
  • Enriched with trace elements and minerals
  • Can be used with other beverages
  • PuripHy
  • Raises water pH
  • Its high concentration
  • Does not introduce bad taste to water
  • Alkazone Alkaline Booster Drops
  • Highly concentrated
  • Fortified with essential minerals
  • Can be used with other beverages
  • pHion Booster
  • Better hydrating properties
  • Alkalizes and ionizes water
  • Has no bad taste in water

1. Plasma pH

This is a product of Alkalvision, a household name when it comes to clean and safe water. Plasma pH is described as a standard pH alkaliser, which has earned a reputable name among those who want a budget-friendly product. Compared to the other products in this list, it does not match their potential but at its price, you have nothing to complain.

According to many reviewers who have actually tried it, they describe Plasma pH as a lifesaver. For those with chronic acid reflux, Plasma pH drops are what you need to achieve immediate relief.

Directions for use

According to Alkalvison, 10 drops is all you need in every liter of water. This is adequate to raise your water pH and make it pure and safe for drinking.


  • Very easy to use- Only a few drops and you water is ready to drink.
  • Results are effective immediately. For those with acid reflux, these magical drops help achieve results almost immediately after drinking your water.
  • Generous packing- a single purchase will last for long before you can go back to the market.


  • While many users of Plasma pH have expressed satisfaction with how it works, a few others have complained about its pricing. They consider it relatively expensive compared to how high it can raise the pH of water.

2. Cellfood

This is described as an iconic alkaline booster formula containing 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes and 78 ionic minerals. It is also enriched with dissolved oxygen and electrolytes.

Due to its formulation, it comes with an unrivaled nutrient and oxygen delivery to the body system.

The exclusive structure of Cellfood enables it to feed body cells and enhance the flow of oxygen.

These two clean up and help tuning the body throughout the day and night.

How Cellfood works

According to its inventor, Everett Storey, Cellfood works by splitting water molecules into their individual tiny parts without the use of any electrical current. Once you take water with Cellfood, the water splitting process begins immediately. It continues for hours releasing oxygen throughout the body cells. The process peaks after about 8-12 hours. As the process goes on, all the ingredients of Cellfood are released into the body’s cellular parts.

Directions for use

Adults are expected to take 8 drops of Cellfood in every 8 oz of distilled or pure water three times a day. In every 1oz bottle of Cellfood, there are 720 drops meaning 90 servings of 8 drops each.


  • Does not destroy free radicals- Instead, they are attracted to neutral oxygen molecules to form stable oxygen.
  • It is enriched with trace elements and minerals that will be a big boost to your body
  • Increases body cells’ absorption capabilities to as high as 3 times of the normal rate
  • It is not only used with water, but you can also use it in juices and achieve equally good results. For those who prefer other juices to hydrate their body, these drops come in handy at dropping acidity levels.


  • Those who have used Cellfood pH booster drops have not expressed any complaints as of now.

3. PuripHy

PuripHy drops are products of Dr Young. According to many credible reviews, these drops are praised to be the best in market today. The manufa

cturer says you get what you pay for and this could not be truer than the potential of these little drops. The drops are more potent than what other pH boosters have to offer hence making it an economical product. On top of increasing water pH, it also neutralizes other microforms such as yeast, bacteria and molds.

Directions of use

Due to its high concentration, only 5 drops are used in every liter of water.


  • On top of raising water pH, it kills many disease-causing microforms
  • Its high concentration means that one bottle will last longer than other brands
  • No any bad taste in water


  • It is more expensive than most of other brands

4. Alkazone Alkaline Booster Drops

These pH drops can turn tap water into pure smooth drinking water in a few seconds. Each drop is fortified with 79 amino acids and minerals such as phosphate, magnesium zinc and calcium.

On top of boosting water alkalinity, the drops have antioxidants properties to neutralize any free radicals.

The bottles come in two sizes: 1.2 and 2.5 oz giving you a purchase option depending on how much you have in your pocket.

Directions for use

Mix 3 drops with 8oz of water. It is recommended that you take 5 glasses of this water every day.


  • The drops are highly concentrated thus will last longer. For example, if you buy the 1.2oz you can use it for 200 servings spanning over 45 days.
  • Fortified with essential minerals
  • Very easy to use: adding 3 drops into 8oz of water and it is ready to drink.
  • It can be used in other drinks such as coffee and juices.


  • Some people complain about its taste. It takes time to get used to it.

5. pHion Booster

One of the strongest properties of pHion drops is that they contain 72 minerals that raise water alkalinity to an amazing 9.5. This is 500 times more alkalinity than in distilled water.

Another quality to note is that it uses a 2-step formula to achieve results.

Step 1 is the normal raise of pH level while step 2 is the actual ionization of the water and blending it with the 72 alkalinizing minerals. The 2-step process results to water being more “clustered” and becomes “wetter” with high hydrating capabilities. This kind of water is easy to absorb and be used in the body.

Directions for use

Use 6 drops in every 8oz of water.


  • The clustering of water means the body will work less to absorb it
  • It has better hydrating properties than most of the other brands
  • It does both alkalization and ionization of water
  • Has no bad taste in water


  • There are no complains raised by users of pHion alkaline drops yet.

Which alkaline boosters are the best?

There are many companies developing pH drops. It is a daunting task for you to find the best of them all and get expected results. In this review, we cannot categorically say which the best of the reviewed products is. Different people have different preferences: there are those who will prefer Alkazone to PuripHy and vice versa. It all comes down to what products you can afford and whether or not it will get the job done. If you try one of the products only to get unimpressive results, keep trying the rest until you find a perfect match.

Benefits of using alkaline drops

There is a lot of craze surrounding alkaline water. Right from celebrities to common people, they are now drinking it. Is it because there are benefits associated with it? Here is how and why pH booster can benefit your body:

  • Relief to acid flux- According to a recent study Annals of Otology, Rhinology, & Laryngology, water with pH level above 8.8 is a big relief to acid reflux.
  • Reduces acidity in the blood stream- taking alkaline water is an effective way of getting rid of acid from the body. Reduced acidity improves metabolism, increase body energy and levels of oxygen.
  • Helps in weight loss- increased body alkalinity has proven effective in reducing body fat and fatigue. Scores of alkaline boosters users have reported positive weight loss results once they started using them.
  • Ultra-hydrating properties- compared to bottled and tap water, alkaline water has deep “wet” properties. This makes it a better choice for efficient body hydration.
  • General improved health- with less body toxins, excellent metabolism, and adequate oxygen; alkaline water generally improves your health. It leads to less diseases and even less visits to doctors.

FAQs about pH booster drops

Can alkaline water affect medication?

This question is widely asked by those who want to use pH drops. It depends on what medication you are using. It is advisable that you ask a medical and nutrition expert before you start taking alkaline water.

Is it possible to overdose pH drops?

Definitely, you can overdose. If you use more drops than recommended that is an overdose. You should only use specified drops in a given quantity of water. According to a number of credible studies in alkaline water, a long-term overdose would have far-reaching health consequences.

Can I use the drops in hot water?

There is strong evidence that the temperature of water does not affect the effectiveness of these drops. You are free to use them in hot water if that is your preference.

How many drops do I need?

Depending on the product you buy, the number of drops will vary. Some will require more drops than other brands. Make sure that you follow the drop recommendations of the brand you are using.

Do I need to use a filter with the drops?

There is no need for the standard filter if you are using pH drops. They do both filtering and ionizing hence making it pure for drinking.

How long should I use the drops?

There are so many healthy benefits of drinking alkaline water. The longer you drink the more you gain in terms of good health. Make it a habit to alkanize your water and you will reduce your visits to a doctor.

Do they change the taste of water?

Alkaline booster drops are essentially manufactured with no flavor. However, they change the natural structure of water molecules. This change could result to a different “mouth feel”. This feel is different from one person to another as well as from one brand of the drops to another.


It is obvious that there has been hype on alkaline drops. More and more people are taking alkaline water on the promise that it is beneficial to their health. While studies have not been conclusive on the claimed benefits of using alkaline drops, mounting evidence from users continue to prove the existence of these benefits.

I hope that this post has been helpful in guiding you to know the top 5 alkaline booster drops brands and how you can make an informed choice. It has also gone further to highlight some of the claimed benefits of using these drops and answering pertinent questions.